Write Cell Excel Formula separator Error

Please, is there a possibility to use formula in Write cell with dot Comma?

Hi @Fatima_Ourbat, welcome to the community! :tada:

Can you please elaborate your problem? What do you mean by dot comma?

Hello @monsieurrahul , Thanks^^
uipath doest execute the Formula till i use commu as seperator, but for that i need to change settings in my laptop,and it’s not a portable solution

@Fatima_Ourbat - Did you tried escaping the comma, i.e typing twice…?

i want to use dot comma(:wink: instead, this the issue

@Fatima_Ourbat - Please share the exact formula you want to write in the write cell activity?


i want to write it with ; but uipath doesn’t accept

@Fatima_Ourbat - You mean “=RECHERCHEV(H2;OutputGCR!A:E,2,0)” - like this?

Yes like this “=RECHERCHEV(H2;OutputGCR!A:E;2;0)”

@Fatima_Ourbat - Per Microsoft, VLOOKUP formula contains , not ; right?


VLOOKUP function - Office Support).

Refer this post, where RECHERCHEV question has been raised and the answer provided was with comma.


Thanks @prasath17 ,
should be always with comma!!!
but my excel app run formula with (";")