About write cell activity


I have a query regarding write cell activity, the thing is i need to loop through 3 rows(bangalore,mumbai.kolkata) and put data it in a excel ,and also for each row that data which we get i need to paste it in a excel.

in write cell activity i need to add a extra coulmn of city name but when am giving as below it is not getting can u help me

1)created a variable
2)took assign activity counter=counter+1
3) write cell in range field if am giving ā€œGā€+counter.tostring

G is coulmn

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Kindly Use ADD DATACOLUMN ACTIVITY before to this for each row loop so that column will be added and then we can use the steps currently we have
Cheers @Karthik_Kulkarni


Actually i took as below to add new coulmn to my data


And here write cell while giving range i gave as "G2:ā€œGā€+num.tostring but it is getting error, but when i try to give int it is not showing can someone help