Working with workbook sheets

Hello everybody,
I’m developing an RPA where I need it to perform the following operations:
Open an excel workbook;
Iterate through the excel sheets;
See which sheet contains a data table;
If this sheet does not have a predefined name - “Folha1”, it must be renamed
I’ve tried several ways, but I’m having difficulties, so any help is appreciated.

@jose.p.mendes please follow these steps.
1- excel application scope.
2- open its properties and place veriable in workbook. Example → Excelsheets
3- put for loop
4-loop in section will be Excelsheets.GetSheets
5-Argument type for loop is String
6- In body section put read range.
7- In read range sheet name give Item.Tostring.
8- give read range to datatable.
Now you can read by excel sheet one by one

9- To check sheets is empty or not
Please check dataTable is empty or not.

@jose.p.mendes Here these are sample codes, you can use in one module.
If you faced any issue ping me I am available
Rename Worksheet.xaml (8.3 KB)
Rename Worksheet.xaml (8.3 KB)
Rename Worksheet.xaml (8.3 KB)
renameasheet.xaml (9.7 KB)
Sheets.xaml (6.9 KB)

Problem solved.

@jose.p.mendes always welcome. Happy learning

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