Working with Excel in Cloud

Hi All,

I am trying to work with an Excel Automation, I am aware that we have an Excel application scope, however the problem over here is a bit different. I am working on an Online Excel, so which comes in an Iframe, I am not able to capture the data in a structured format, nor I was able to do the Web Automation, I tried doing it with OCR, but it will only read the data which is visible, and not the whole sheet. There are number of sheets that I want to retrieve data from. Can you guys help me on it.


Hi nandmin,

Here is what I would try:

  • Download the excel file and then work using Excel Application Scope, if possible.
  • Select all data (click a cell, then CTRL+A), copy (Copy Selected Text activity) and use Generate Data Table activity to construct a datatable. You can paste the text in a text file to investigate the formatting, like the column separator and new line separator.

But if those don’t work, give us more details about the Online Excel that you are dealing with.

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