Working with Azure OpenAI ChatGPT

Hello all, has anyone here worked with the Microsoft Azure version of ChatGPT before?

I am trying to use the “Chat” feature within my code, but I keep having issues when calling the HTTP Request.

If anyone has any examples of the parameters needed, please let me know.

Thank you!


Can you please tell the error

and also it is advisable to use the api in postman first and once successful copy the curl and import in UiPath that way you can get the errors easily and resolve them


Hi @Anil_G, appreciate your response.

I am trying to understand two things with regard to calling the Microsoft Azure OpenAI ChatGPT API within UiPath:

1.) How do I input a question into the ChatGPT “Chat” HTTP Request? I have experience with the “prompt” input in the regular text completion call, but I have not been able to figure out how the “Chat” API Call works.

  • image

2.) Is it possible to input the “Examples” feature into the HTTP Request as well? See below for an example of what I mean:

Thank you!