Workflow could run under debug but not in Run

I am working on Advanced training 2nd practice and the whole workflow was done. The code was working under debug mode without any break. However, when I ran with Run mode, the code was not. The problem was occur when tried to update Work Item with comment. Looks like it couldn’t locate the element.

Does anyone know how I can solve the issue?


Did you tried putting a wait time? just check with it.

1. Try giving Delay.
2. Try using wildcards for comment box selector.

To get the correct selector, you can use trial and error. Run the bot and every time when it throws an error go and update the selector for that item by clicking attach to live element. UiExplorer will automatically generate the wildcards. If that doesn’t work start removing the unwanted selectors too.

BTW: Adding a screenshot of the error that you are getting will help the community solve the problem faster. :slight_smile:

I have seen something similar to this issue recently and it was isolated to the environment and user id being used. For example, it worked on 2 or 3 user ids used on a specific server but had no issues on previous environments whatsoever.

The selector looks rights to me, however since you are using Attach Browser, part of the selector that calls the browser and window is hidden. This looks like a bug, but you could get around this potentially by changing to an Attach Window (instead of Attach Browser) or using the full selector in the Type Into activity. Using UiExplorer will give you the full selector. But, I will suggest that you always use partials inside Attach activities to avoid sustainability headaches in the future, so you might try changing to Attach Window over Attach Browser.

I don’t know if your issue is related to what I’m seeing, but thought I would share.


Thanks. It is working if I put delay before action to the new popup browser.

Thanks. Working with 1st option.

@ClaytonM thanks for your solution. I tried with attach window, however, the problem was still existing. But working now with adding a delay time.

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All the best for your certification :slight_smile:

@ClaytonM @RishiVC1 I am hitting the same exact issue with Studio 2018.1.0. Is this a known bug with the current version? I tried adding delays and wildcards with no success when not in debug mode.

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@KaylaC, I can’t say that it’s a bug cause I don’t know and also haven’t upgraded to the new version.

I might be able to provide suggestions if you identify which activity it stops on, what error you get, and other details. You can also figure out if it’s a selector problem with UiExplorer and check its validity.


@ClaytonM Thank you for your response. When i debug, my process runs as expected. The issue is when i just hit run, it just kind of stops working. It gets through the click action (click ‘A’ friends). Then it should enter a do while loop that contains a send hot key. It never hits the hot key (control + end). It just hangs for an unknown about of time, and never times out. I eventually hit Stop after about 1.5 mins of waiting.


Yeah, it’s hard to say without actually seeing it run.

I’m assuming it never gets to that WriteLine activity (or Message Box like I use) or to an activity after the Hotkey, so that rules out the unlimited loop. You can place something infront like a Message Box and find out where it gets stuck exactly. If it’s the Hotkey activity, you could check the TimeoutMS for the Hotkey to make sure it’s only waiting like 5-10secs (5000) before it throws an error.

One thing I would definitely check is that you don’t have the entire sequence inside a Try/Catch, because if something throws an error you will not know. If that’s the case, you can simply place a Rethrow in the Catch and it will tell you.