Workflow Analyzer Rule for InvokeCode activity

Hi, any rule available to find project uses InvokeCode activity or how to governance code written in InvokeCode activity.


we can temporary exploit the st-usg-026 rule

Configure it temporary for

and find the invokes:

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Thanks Peter, one more question. Is there any way to get code which written in Invoke Code activity…?

May we ask you on some more details of your Intentions / expectations AS getting the Code can be widely be interpretated. Thanks

I am in process of creating code governance, so want to write automated code review process.
For example, hard coded password and file path is not correct code standard so writing some custom code scan tool in dot net to verify all predefined code standard in Invoke Code activity.

The Workflow analyzer rules will Check all xamls. So the invoked ones AS Well.

So, which detail requirement ist not covered by the Default Rules?

Some more Rules you will get on Marketplace e.g

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I have written below code in Invoke Code Activity,
Now I want a rule to identify unused variable(strUnused) and hard coded path …

Dim abc As String
abc=“test string”
Dim strUnused As String
Dim spath As String