Work out the previous Sunday


Is there a way I can work out the previous Sundays date. Throughout the week my automation will run and I need to be able to enter in Sundays date each time.


How about getting DayOfWeek number by using Weekday() function (If it’s Sunday it returns 1 and if Saturday it returns 7).
Then you need just add 7 to current date when it’s Sunday, or you’ll need to add 6 if it’s Monday.

Like this:
nextSunday = Today.AddDays(8 - Weekday(Today))

With following example you can get next Sunday of any input date.

get date of next (2.3 KB)

Building on what @a-Taniya has stated, if you wanted to acquire the previous Sunday’s date you could use:
Today.AddDays(- (Weekday(Today) - 1))

26/06/17 - (2 - 1) = 25/06/17


Thanks Mr_JDavey, I was mixed up while crafting sample flow! :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. It worked great. Thanks.

In line to the same question, how would we find out the first monday of the week?

Hi @Mr_JDavey ,
Could you please help on How to figure out the previous Friday simialarly?
If anybody knows please figure it out! easiest way without thinking about it at all would be to simply use the solution provided by @Mr_JDavey, but subtract 2. So the formula would be: Today.AddDays(- (Weekday(Today) - 1)-2)