Previous weeks sunday date

How to store previous weeks sunday date from current date in string variable in below format MM/dd/yyyy

For example we need the previous weeks sunday date : 04/16/2023


Use Modify date activity to get the previous Sunday


I was expecting 16th date as a previous weeks sunday date… but getting 23rd date


Can you try the following expression?



As an alternate


in the array you can configure the offset for each day in week (sun=0, mon=1…sat=6)

in case on a Satruday the same day should be used set it from 7 to 0

Hi @Sathish_Kumar_S ,

You can use Modify Date activity to get previous Sunday. By providing input as Now.AddDays(-7) you can get previous weeks Sunday.


Output will be in DateTime. You can add a assign activity to convert it to string as shown above.

Hope it helps.

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