Word Read Text: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed


I’m reading a word file to a string variable. This activity used to work perfect when all of a sudden i get the error “Invalid URI: the hostname could not be parsed”. I’ve already tried to print the path (where nothing changed), which is correct. I’ve looked into the log files, got nothing the wiser.

Does anyone have an idea?

@ArneDeProft Follow this link

Exchange server activities - #3 by aksh1yadav

Thanks for your feedback. But that specific question is about URL’s (of webservers). In my case it is a simple folder where I have access to. If I copy that path and open it in e.g. in Explorer, the specific file opens…

I’m still stuck…

For other people with this issue:

changing the activity to “read range” within an Excel application scope works. The “workbook” read range activity still does not work, with the same filepath.