Word Document Formatting (Start to End)


Please suggest a suitable way to change a raw word document into a properly formatted document through UiPath.

e.g. we pass a document through an activity or run BOT on a particular word document, the UiPath output will be a formatted word document.

Formatting here is like change the font, color, design, tables, headers, footers, headings etc.


For formatting a word document using UIpath automation, you can try recording a macro or inject VBA code.

Sruthi YNM

Hi @jyoti.bora ,

We could use Open Xml Methods to Perform the formatting of a Word Document :

Do Check some of the Below Post related to Word Document Manipulation/Formatting :

In a Similar way we could add/change the formatting in a Word Document.

Do let us know more specifics to understand the Problem and suggest a Better solution.


Thank you for your suggestion. Actually through Macro, I am only able to edit specific parts individually. But, I need to edit everything altogether e.g. If there are 10 headings (Heading 2) and I want to format those headings, then it’s not happening or may be I am doing something wrong. Please suggest some links related to this as I am new to Macro.