Word Application Scope ,the file appears to be corrupted

Hi Team,

I have created a bot which created the word files with replacing variables from excel,after that i am converting Word files in to PDF files.
My workflow executed successfully ,but issue is after completion of bot execution ,getting error as “The file appears to be corrupted”.

Attached my workflow.
PDF Creation.xaml (40.6 KB)

You’re trying to use a word template and replace the dynamic parts from with values from a data table, right?

Delete your old files and run the process again. If possible, try to include a kill process for word.


Hi @monsieurrahul ,
Thank you for your response.
Yes you are correct ,am replacing the dynamic values with variables from datatable,but i am not storing any old files.
After replacing the dynamic values I am storing the word files and then those word files converting to PDF.

Delete the existing word files and PDF files and try again. Let me know if you’re facing any issues.

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Hi @monsieurrahul,

Am still getting error,i have deleted all files from folder and used kill process(WINWORD) .


Your template file could be corrupted or not saved properly. Try creating a fresh copy of the same and give it a try.


Hi @monsieurrahul,
This worked for me.