Word Application Scope - Hidden Mode

Word Application Scope always Run in Visible Mode.

Same Like Excel Application Scope , Can we have an Option to Run Word in “Hidden” Mode.


Hi @mukeshkala , just to confirm, are you referring here to the settings for Excel Modern from the project settings:
If so, what would the scenario be here to have a similar functionality for Word?

Hi @Raluca_Laic ,

Thank you for the response. I am referring the below setting of the Excel Application Scope

  • Visible - When selected, the Excel file is opened in the foreground while performing actions on it. When it is cleared, all operations are done in the background.

The Same Setting is Not available in Word Application Scope - Which always causes the word application to open in foreground.


Thank you for the additional information. I am curious to learn more about the use case in this case and how it would help to have the operations done in the background.

Same reasons it’s helpful for Excel.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ve added this is on our backlog for a future update.

after 3 years remain the same problem.
Do you have some news?


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