Word 2019 shows corrupted characters but notepad is working

Hey community,
Are there any known issue where word 2019 doc may not work with UiPath (intermittently or regularly)?

I recently installed Microsoft Professional 2019 and copied a working XAML from another windows PC laptop (2016 version) to current laptop.

  1. I added the activity ‘Read File Text’ to read a word 2019 document (refer attached screenshot for original contents)
    1. Word contents

  2. In debug mode, I noticed the read values turned out to be corrupted or special charactiers (refer attached screenshot).

  3. However, if I use a notepad .txt with same contents, it worked fine.

Look forward to your solutions or explanations.

Read Text is not to be used for word files, just plain text, you need to install UiPath.Word.Activities package to work with word.

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@bcorrea Hello Bruno! How are you? Thanks so much for your help and I closed this case. Have a great weekend and wish you a prosperous 2020!

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