With uipath Version 20.10 can't find NavigateTo activity?

Hi All,
With uipath Version 20.10 I can’t find NavigateTo activity?
What is the activity that replace it?
I have to loop on URL list.

Thanks for help.
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@AmarBouz - Please check this post…If you the “Use Modern for new projects” is turned on then you will see Go to URL instead of Navigate to and whole lot of new UI activities…

Hello @AmarBouz

I am using the latest version of UiPath 20.10.2 and NavigateTo still exist:

The UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities contains this activity. The version of it is: 20.10.6

I am not using the Modern for the new projects…

I hope it helps.


Thanks for help.
but uipath is going to drive me crazy!!
I have not the same screen as you

Finally I’m going to use Go To URL

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Thanks for help.

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