With FTP using key file

Whilst using a key file for the activity I always get permission denied. Setting the password and the activity works as expected.

Can someone confirm what the value of the “Client certificate path” should be?

  • Is it a fully qualified file name to the PPK file?
  • Can a relative file name be used?
  • Is it a folder to a file that has a specific name?

The key file works find when used with winscp so I’m pretty sure the issue lies with the “with ftp session” activity and its setup.


Hi @UiPathMaster,
I have observed that many genuine queries and topic is never been answered. For smaller things we contribute more than 10-20 of responses however for genuine and valid question, no one contributes.

How we can handle those post/queries.
Also it will be appreciable if you can guide on the above request?