With FTP session activity is not working

it would be very helpful,if somebody reply. i ve been on this errors all day.

Target is to access the SFTP server and download the files.

Errors are
**no1.*Access to Concut FTP site: The connection could not be made because the target computer denied it. (without setting the property value of client certificate pass)
no2.Invalid private key (with set the property value of "C
\Concur\bin\ftp\ssh\IMG_ppk.ppk" in the client certificate pass )

I put the sever info in the property, like this.
QUESTION1. is it need to set the client certificate?
if yes, i put the .ppk file in the client certificate pass. is it correct?
should i change to the ssh key gen? if i should, how to change?

In my pc, i dont have permission to check the condition of SFTP sever and dont have any software related to FTP. I only get the info of FTP sever (username, password,port,…) from senior and told to use the ftp activity to access and download. What others things i should check with my senior. he can manually access the FTP sever .

Thank you so much in advance.

Add a With ftp session activity and try to configure it as below (adapt it with your details)

Activity: With FTP session


  • Password: "YOUR_PASSWORD"
  • Username: "YOUR_SSH_USERNAME"


  • Accept all certificates [v] (if needed, check internally if it is required)
  • Select Use SFTP [v]


  • Port: YOUR_SSH_PORT (without quotes)

Activity: Upload Files:


  • Local Path: "D:\HomeLab\bla.jpg" → change this with your file to upload
  • remote path: "/var/www/html/public_html" → change this with your remote folder


  • Overwrite [v]

Use a pem certificate in your FTP activity.

Here is the code from backed for the UiPath.FTP.Activities activity.

<data name="ClientCertificatePathDesc" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Path to the Private key in PKCS #1 PEM format</value>



How to use Pem (privacy-enhanced mail) file as an input for the certificate file in UiPath FTP Activities?


Convert the “.PPK” to “.PEM” file and use the same file in UiPath FTP Activities with the given passphrase. Perform the below steps:

  1. Open Puttygen and click on Load in the Actions section


  1. Select the PPK file

  1. The key will get imported as below


  1. Enter the Key passphrase (password) and the same value in Confirm passphrase

  2. Then, go to the Conversions menu and select the Export OpenSSH key

  1. Name the private key as xxxxx.pem (It should be a file ending with .pem extension) and save it

  2. Use the same pem file certificate as an input for the certificate file in UiPath FTP Activities.

Try to connect in WinSCP also with the same pem certificate. It is working?

If you have a proxy on the Studio machine, the With ftp session activity will not work.

You can run the below command in cmd.exe to see if you are having a proxy in Studio machine:

netsh winhttp show proxy

If you have a proxy, UiPath dev team developed a prerelease version of UiPath.FTP.Activities that will be included in the next official release of this activity.

UiPath.FTP.Activities.2.4.0-alpha.2791109.nupkg (489.4 KB)

Let us know if the provided information from above helped you.


Thank yo so much

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