Winners: UiPath Apps Product Feedback

Winners: UiPath Apps Product Feedback

Recently, we have organized a round of feedback for one of our products - UiPath Apps:

The rules were simple - the best feedback will be rewarded with a certification voucher.

We want to thank all of you who took the time to write down your thoughts about UiPath Apps. Our UiPath Apps product team went over all your entries and selected the winners.

It is my pleasure to announce the winners of our UiPath Apps Product Feedback round:

The full certification vouchers go to:

The 50% discount certification vouchers go to:

And lastly, our UiPath Apps product team has also distinguished the feedback of Manoj Batra (@Manoj_Batra), who is one of our MVPs.

We will now contact each winner individually to distribute the rewards.

Thank you all for contributing. We are always hungry for feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about UiPath Apps in the dedicated Forum category.

Please stay tuned for more feedback rounds for our other products :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! :clap: :rocket:


Congratulations for All the winners :slight_smile:


Congratulations to All the winners :slightly_smiling_face: