🗣 Your feedback on IT Automation can earn you a certification voucher - ends end of June!

We are always on the lookout for what you think about our products. But why not combine it with some incentives for you to enjoy while you are providing such feedback?

Last time, it was about UiPath Apps and you provided us a ton of great feedback. Thank you, you are all stars :star:.

To keep it going and to give you a chance to win more Certification vouchers, we now teamed up with our UiPath IT Automation team for the second feedback round! :star:

Additionally, you can also win a UiPath Giftshop voucher for sharing this page. See here how.

How it will work?

Simply provide an answer to one (or multiple) questions from the following list:


  • Which of the official activities packs below did you use in your projects and what was the usecase?
    • Azure
    • AzureActiveDirectory
    • ActiveDirectoryDomainServices
    • VMware
    • Citrix
    • ExchangeServer
    • AmazonWebServices
    • HyperV
    • SystemCenter
    • GoogleCloud
    • AmazonWorkSpaces
    • AzureWindowsVirtualDesktop
    • NetIQeDirectory
  • What activities are missing from the activity packs listed above?
  • Are there any missing capabilities in the existing official activities (eg additional input params for activities that create a user or a VM)?
  • What new IT related integrations would you like us to add next (eg with Ansible, vRealize, Veeam, Splunk, containers, …) and what are your usecases for them?
  • What are the main challenges you face for including UiPath IT Automation official activities in your RPA projects?
  • What is the most time-consuming aspect of getting started with UiPath IT Automation official activities?
  • List what we can improve in UiPath IT Automation official activities

UX and Design

  • What are your thoughts on the UI/design of IT Automation activities? (please mention what can be improved)
  • How easy is it to start using and configuring the activities of IT Automation?
  • How do you find the wording (labels of activities, labels of the required fields to add input data, tooltips)?
  • What is the hardest part about IT Automation activities integration in your automation projects?

When sharing use case driven feedback, please do not share any sensitive information.

The feedback will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • clarity of the request (it should be clear to understand to everyone)
  • comprehensiveness (clear feedback that touches on multiple points above and beyond will be scored higher)
  • out of the box thinking (if you manage to surprise us with something we’ve never thought about)
  • your interest in each idea (the amount of likes on each idea will also be considered)

What can you win?

After a few weeks, our UiPath IT Automation team will judge all the feedback that was posted in this topic and choose the winners:

  • 2 users will be rewarded with a fully paid certification voucher for an exam level of their choice
  • 3 users will be granted a 50% discount voucher for an exam level of their choice

On top of those vouchers, 3 users will also get a chance to discuss their feedback 1:1 with the IT Automation team.

Who is eligible for a reward?

All Forum users except:

  • one of the MVPs 2021-2022 (we still welcome your feedback of course :slight_smile:)
  • users in areas under Export Control


The deadline for UiPath IT Automation submission has been extended until 2022-06-30T00:00:00Z.

Then, our Product Managers will judge the feedback in this thread and we will announce the winners on 2022-07-08T00:00:00Z.

We are eager to hear your feedback!


Help us share the word with IT Automation users

You can now help us share this initiative with users who use IT Automation activities for a chance to win a UiPath GiftShop voucher :slight_smile: :tshirt:

All you have to do is to share it by using your own custom sharing link. You can get it like so:
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The top 2 users will get a UiPath GiftShop voucher. To qualify for the winning spot, your share score must be min 20 (it counts unique visits through the shared link).

You can see the current standing here.

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Be certified for Better future… Win a voucher to be certified…


•How easy is it to start using and configuring the activities of IT Automation?

Easy enough, when there are already pre-defined activities for a huge IT automation scenario.

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