Windows-Legacy or Windows compatibility

  1. 미래에 'Windows-Legacy’를 사용할 수 없다는 메시지를 봤습니다.
    기업에서 기존에 개발되어서 운영되고 있는 ‘Windows-Legacy’ 소스들을 'Windows compatibility’로 변환해야 하나요?

'Windows-Legacy’를 중단해도 기존에 운영되는 소스는 그냥 유지해도 되나요?

  1. 두 가지의 차이점은 정확히 무엇인가요?
    개발 화면 구성? 예를들어, 변수 설정 팝업 등?
    코드 문법?

  2. Converting Windows-Legacy projects to the Windows compatibility
    기능을 이용해서 변환하면 완벽하게 성공하나요?
    찾아 보니
    'The following expressions are incompatible with Windows projects and need to be manually changed to successfully convert a Windows - Legacy project to Windows’라는 메시지를 봤는데요.
    반드시 수동으로 마무리를 해야 변환이 완료되는지 궁금합니다.

Hi @sumouse

Check out this thread to know about the Difference between UiPath windows legacy and windows compatibility

Hope it helps!!

additional info

most of library from market place not working on Windows Compatability also you cannot copy paste a sequence from windows legacy to windows.



  1. It’s necessary to convert your Windows-legacy project to Windows project. As UiPath still support both architecture, it might be also good to convert a little later.

  2. Windows-Legacy is .net framework 4.6.1 based. Window project is .net 6.0 based. There are some difference with both regarding .net version.

  3. Migration tool can convert it to Windows project. However, it’s not 100%.
    In many cases, it’s necessary to fix some issues.

The following document will help you.


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