Windows converted project now not running (Jan. 2023)

Have 22.10 installed on one of our test VMs and I’m trying to run one of our rebuilds (using ReFramework) on it but it keeps erroring out before execution.

After opening the “legacy” build, Studio prompted me to convert it to a Windows-compatible one so I did. There were 2 libraries that this project used that also had to be converted so I did that as well as deployed a Windows version of the same libraries. Got all the dependencies updated and ensured there were no validation errors. Now debugging, I get this error.
An item with the same key has already been added. Key: VisualBasicValue1_1 System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: VisualBasicValue1_1 at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2.TryInsert(TKey key, TValue value, InsertionBehavior behavior) at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToDictionary[TSource,TKey,TElement](IEnumerable1 source, Func2 keySelector, Func2 elementSelector, IEqualityComparer`1 comparer)
at UiPath.Executor.Tracking.ActivityIdsResolver.Register(WorkflowInfo workflowInfo)
at UiPath.Executor.Tracking.DebugTrackingParticipant.RegisterWorkflow(WorkflowInfo workflowInfo)
at UiPath.Executor.DebuggerPlugin.UiPath.Executor.IDebuggerPlugin.RegisterWorkflowTracking(WorkflowInfo workflowInfo)
at UiPath.Executor.Tracking.WorkflowTracking.RegisterWorkflowTracking(WorkflowInfo workflowInfo)
at UiPath.Executor.WorkflowRuntime.RegisterWorkflow(WorkflowInfo workflowInfo)
at UiPath.Executor.RobotRunner.InitWorkflowApplication()
at UiPath.Executor.RobotRunner.ExecuteJob()

At first I thought I might have screwed something up while converting so I deleted the project, reopened the legacy one, then re-converted it to a Windows-compatible version. Rechecked the dependencies & validation errors and both were in order. Went to debug and got the same error message as above.

The project in question IS referencing a Config dictionary but there’s no difference between how it’s being initialized, populated with data, and output so I don’t know what the cause could be with this issue. Can someone help me out here?


The following post will help you.