Windows authentication failed in orchestrator

UIPath 2019 : Connection on Tenant different then ‘Default’

The Windows authentication failed in orchestrator for mutli-tenant (Error code - 1000 - ‘Invalid credentials, failed to login.’).

I have follow the procedure ‘

In the creation of the AD user, i leave the password to blank

Is the Windows authentication possible on tenant other then ‘Default’ in Uipath 2019 ?
For information, i can import the AD users…

Thanks for your help,

Have you installed the Orchestrator in your machine @winandol?

Or using the trial version of it?

On a server with Official License.

HI @winandol

  • Have you enabled windows authentication in the server where you have installed the Orchestrator?
  • Have you also changed the web config file to set the windows authentication to True?

Windows authentication should be enabled for all the units irrespective of whether they are in Default or not. Make sure you have configured every step properly as described in the documents.
You could also look at the UiPath academy Infrastructure training which provides a clear understanding on how to enable windows authentication. It’s included in the lesson 2 section of the infra training.

Thanks for your help.
Yes, i have followed the procedure ‘’
I have saw in the forum that the Windows authentication doesn’t work on other tenant than ‘Default’.

Hi, the problem is resolved.
The connection is ok when i click on the windows button below th text “You can also login with… Windows” and add my credentials.

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