Windows Aplication not opening

Hello Forum
Im developing a sequence that has to open and login into an application. The thing is that when I run the automation is seems like the application opens and close instantly, but when I open the application manually it has no problem. I already checked the activities property open and close respectively. What could the reason be for this error? Check the video below to see exactly what I´m experiencing.

Thank you for your attention…

Hi @Luis_Fernando

In the first use app browser set the property open to IfNotOpen, and the close property to IfOpenedByApp

in the use app browser activity that is within the first, set the open propety to never, also the close property, and then remove the path from the URL Property


Hi @Luis_Fernando

Please use the properties as mentioned below

Close --------- NAppCloseMode.Never
Open --------- NAppOpenMode.IfNotOpen
input Mode -------- Simulate
Window Attach Mode --------- single window

I hope it works!!

Hello dear friends @lrtetala @fernando_zuluaga , Thank you very much for your attention. Neither of your solution provided is working. The app works with an executable of Java, so I maybe that´s why is not able to maintain the app open (pd: it’s just a vague idea of mine).

What I finally did to overcome the problem was to open the application with traditional UI Activities through navigating to the file via my directory.