Will using the validation station re-train the model?


Just curious, will my usage of the validation station automatically retrain the model when we use it on-prem? Or is that a setting we can change?

Also do you have a timeline for adding multiple languages and more models?



Hi @sonnymeyer,

Training is not possible for now, the models are available as is. We are continuously improving them and adding more fields - please let me know what fields you need and we will try to add them. Beyond that, enabling you to train your own models on premises on arbitrary documents is a capability we are planning for Q1 2020.

As far as languages are concerned, our first priority is to add Japanese. What are the main languages that you need? Also what other document types do you have in mind?



:smile: I am looking forward to the Japanese language! Thank you!


Sorry for the late reply. Being Danish I of course would like the Danish language to appear at some point, however I know that we are small compared to many other languages.

In terms of documents I can’t say for sure right now, but it could be a wide range of laboratory equipment analysis reports or calibration reports of these.


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Hi Alex,

It´s a great feature.

I need adding the follow fields:
- VAT Vendor.
- Material Code in ítems.

It’s possible for a new realese?

Also, will the restriction of having 2 pages document maximum be improved?


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Hi @JoseLuis,

Customers that we have talked to use the Vendor name and/or Vendor address to look up the vendor in their database, where they also have the VAT. So this has not been a priority. Also, Material Code sounds like something very specific to your usecase, so this would only be possible by training our ML model on your data.

We are planning to offer this capability of training ML models on premises, in Q1 next year.


Hi @alexcabuz,

As the first quarter of 2020 is passed. Have UIPath now offer training ML models on premises or not?

Hello @AhmadAshfaq,

We have :slight_smile: Please reach out to your UiPath contact and ask about the on-prem Document Understanding options.

Hi Ioana_Gligan

Are you able to provide an example of how to retrain model after validation station?
I’ve gone through DU training but was not able to find any examples.