Why isn't anything showing up in the Activity coverage panel even though the testcase worked?

Hi, guys.
I ran the test case as shown in the figure below, and the results were displayed in the output panel, but I could not find the activity coverage in the side panel.
How can I display the activity coverage?
thank you!

Hi @111962,

So the use of Execution Trail setting is only useful in Debug Mode within UiPath Studio. I am assuming you ran the file instead of running it on debug. The Activity Coverage will only work in a test case when you use any of the marked yellow buttons in Studio.

When I run a test case in Debug Mode with Execution Trail —> Activity Coverage is populated.

When I run the file —> No Activity Coverage

You can read more about Activity Coverage feature in this release post: UiPath Community 20.6 Preview Release - News / Release Notes - UiPath Community Forum

Hope this clears your doubt.

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Thank you for your answer. That’s Very easy to understand.
Thank you so much!!

Hi @111962,

That’s great it helped you.

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