Why is the uipath documentation outdated? where is the manage packages in the activities panel?

Its kinda frustrating that they dont update the documentation along with their updates. It says on their documentation that it should be in the activities panel, Im trying to downgrade my packages to have the add to list activity. This append item to collection does not have any documentation as well. When I add items to the collection it doesn’t add up so I will just downgrade. Kindly help please

HI @kej

Checkout this thread


hello thanks for this however i prefer to use the older version since its easier to use.

I managed to tinker it out and find the manage packages even if it is not visible to activities panel anymore.

Go to project → dependencies → right click and click manage-> search system.activities → uninstall current version → choose version you wanted to downgrade to → click install->refresh This is how I managed to downgrade my System.Activities package.

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