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I need some help understanding why the Collection activities for Lists are not appearing in my Activities list. As far as I can understand the release notes, there should be these activities included in the UiPath.System.Activities = 22.10.3 package.

I have made sure that this is the version of this package i have installed in my project:


When i search for collection on my activity list i only see these activities:


I have also checked that the latest version of the .Net Framework is installed, which is 4.7.2 for my organisation.

I have version Studio version 2022.4.3 installed, which i know is not the latest version, but I am not able to update due to not having admin rights on the workstation I use.

Please can anyone advise? Might this because of the Studio version, or might there be some sort of incompatibility with the packages that I have installed for this project?


Looks like it is not offered for Legacy e.g.:

Thank you for your help with this, I knew I missed something! I’ll downgrade this package to a previous version that the Collection activities appear in. Much Thanks again!! :+1:

depending on what activity is needed we also have the following options:

  • using functionalities from Legacy Framework 4.6.1
  • Microsoft.Activities - Workflow.Manager.Activities Package

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