Why I am not able to see Test cases in Assistant?

Query in ui assistant

  • Did you add the user/robot in the Orchestrator folder?
  • Did you check the role permissions for the robot at the tenant and folder level?
  • You may also need to Sign in in Assistant in order to retrieve all the package details.
  • Provide a screenshot to see your behavior.

Is your robot in the same Environment/Folder as the Process?

Hi Marian,
Thank you for the response!
Attached the required screenshots.
Also noticed that, Only When I try to execute the test cases from Orchestrator, I can able to see the processes running in UIPath Assistant. Otherwise, UI Path Assistant shows no processes.


Yes Paul.
When i Click on the URL in UIPath Assistant, it navigates to the Orchestrator folder where the processes are displayed.

This is expected behavior. You should see the test cases in the Folder → Testing.

If you are publishing a Process to Orchestrator (not a Test Automation) and then you are adding the process to the Folder in the Automations section, you will be able to see it under the Assistant.

Example of a published Process as a Test case (not a Test Automation process).


Let us know if this helped you.

I can able to see the Process now in UIPath Assistant.
Thank you Marian for differentiating Blank process and Test Automation.

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