Why I am not able to see Active Directory in Identity Management Hub?

I am attempting to integrate Active Directory with Orchestrator. I have configured the server to allow for that connection, but I do not see the Active Directory option in Orchestrator. Any idea why? Thanks

Please look at your solution here: Which is the Identity Management Portal or Identity Hub URL address - #4 by marian.platonov

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Hi @jpreziuso,

Make sure you follow these steps. If you are getting errors in the steps or warning in the event logs, share.


I did follow these steps. Up until I am supposed to click Active Directory to configure, and that is not an option for me. See the screenshot in my original post

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There is no solution to my question yet.

First login into the Host tenant with admin user, and then access https://OrchestratorURL/identity/management/authsettings

I’m asking why I don’t see the Active Directory option. I have already gotten to that screen.

Are you sure that you log in with the host tenant?

Then in a new browser tab access https://OrchestratorURL/identity/management/authsettings

I see it now. Sorry for the confusion. Thank you

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