Why extract data from multiple pages option is disable

i want to extract the data from multiple pages but option is disable…please suggest me how to extract the data

Hi @dhanu_lokhande

Can you share the screenshots of site

Hi @dhanu_lokhande

Check if this can help if you want to scrap the data from website. Can we get sample of what you are trying to extract & from where.

i want to extract the data from pdf …pdf contain 5-6 pages or more than that…so how i extract the from Table data in pdf…extract table shoule stop when there is no table…and data which we exrcated from each page …at last we have to merged and write into excel…please suggest

Hi @dhanu_lokhande ,
Can you share your page

You can use the PDF activities to get the data from PDF
Also check out this video where table extraction from pdf is there. Can we get sample of Pdf for better understanding