Why Excel is not showing HyperLink When Copying an Address on it?


Why Excel is not showing HyperLink ( highlighted in blue and underligned) When Copying Links from Web Pages ?

Example :

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Is it BOT copying data from Web application to Excel file or manually you are copying it ?

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Hi @lakshman , YES the BOT copying Address from Navigator and insert it in Excel, and the link will be visible and clickable only after double clicking on related cell and becomes blue and undelined ( Default Link format).


Try below way to convert it to Hyperlink.

           =HYPERLINK(Cell Address)
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Thanks a lot @lakshman , we’re always learning new things with UiPath Community.
I got the idea but how to implement the same in using write range instead of write cell ? Probably need some sort of index to be added for each cell to be writen, No? or Need to declare this HYPERLINK as variable?


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→ EDIT : Problem Solved by Using “Write Range” inside Excel Application Scope . Thanks a lot for your support :+1:

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