Why Do we Use List


Why we do we use LIST in UiPath. Can anyone explain?



If you want to work with dynamically sized collection of elements then we will use List.

HI @CRNaidu

List is a good type of variable to hold collections of data. List of strings, List of integers, List of Lists List of dictionaries… almost anything…

It is much more better than arrays because of this feature it has. Additionally, compared with arrays, we can add or remove items from a list during run time and it is always quite easy to manage a list than an array. Also As I know, list has performance advantages too…

Did I answer your question?


Thanks for your replay @Lahiru.Fernando
yes…partially I understood.

Sorry for asking again reason being am very new to UiPathso that can you please elaborate

HI @CRNaidu

Your question is more towards Vb.Net than Uipath actually. So UiPath uses vb.net as the programing language.

Try referring to these links… It has lot of info on Lists


Let know if you need more info… :slight_smile:

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@Lahiru.Fernando Thank You

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