Why do we instantiate new list or new String in Uipath

why do we instantiate new list or new String in Uipath?


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In Variable Section->declare Variable Name-> Choose VariableTypes as Browser for Types->In the search box type as list as below and select string

write in default as below for example

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@Srini84 - I think the question is Why not how …

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@akshay_naik - Please check this academy course…

RPA Developer Foundation → Data Manipulation → List…

This will give you a idea about Instantiate

Thank you both for looking into this and responding. I was already going through the Data Manipulation>Lists and hence queried. Since we already create a variable and the desired type then why is there need to ‘instantiate’ it.

Hi @akshay_naik

I think u mean why we use this Assign

listvar = New List(Of String)

Then the reason for above assign is

To allocate memory to the created list where actually now you can store values.

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