Create and add to array of uipath.core.window type variable

the output of “get active window” activity is of type uipath.core.window type variable

I am trying to store an array or list of this variable type into an array or list.

however, encounter compilation error as I am not sure of the correct syntax to instantiate and to append or to remove item from the list/array.

I wonder exact code can be shown here on how to instantiate and to append, remove item from the list/array ?

If you need to add and remove items, a list is recommended:

Parameters for Invoke Method, listWin.Add()

Parameters for Invoke Method, listWin.Remove()
It will remove the first item in the list.

thanks for the reply, I am still figuring out the details, new to uipath…but I realize that regardless the object type in the list, it uses the add and remove method to add / remove item in the list.