Why Datatable is created in various form?

I am using google sheet.

with “read range” activity, I got two datatables.

The datatable’s form is weird.

Datatable9, Datatable10 …

why that number is appeared?

and I can not merge them

I have to merge them

Please help me…

(each read range activity’s connected account is different. I think It can be the reason. )

Hi @hoseongwon

Can you search for type as

system.data.datable in the datatype


Practically, they looks not different.
It looks generated to not use different source.

I have to merge them.

Problem Solved.

I choosed the google sheet file to navigate the folder.
and, There is such a problem.

but I choosed the google sheet via URL.
and , the problem disappeared.

I don’t know why. but It worked

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