Why am I unable to download UiPath Community Edition

I am unable to download uipath community edition. When I click on “start trial” --> “choose community”, a new tab saying { “statusCode”: 404, “message”: “Resource not found” } pops up. I have tried clearing all cookies, using incognito mode, and even different browsers, but they all didn’t work.

Hi @ngrys,
Welcome to the Community!
Are you from Ukraine maybe?

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welcome to uipath community
we can download the file from https://platform.uipath.com but its in maintenance now will be open sooner
once its available we can download from that url
–where mention the common authentication like gmail id and its password and click enter which will take us to the cloud page where we can choose RESOURCE TAB and from there we can download the community edition file

Cheers @ngrys