Which variable type is supposed to used while creating dob

Let’s suppose to create “DOB” then what supposed to utilise variable string.


Dob is of date so its ideal to use datetime or dateonly

You can use string as well and convert to date when needed


Hi @Devendra_Bhardwaj
The Datetime variable can only be used to handle dates.If you want to convert to string format later, you can.

Kaviyarasu N

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Please you please explain me.

Hi @Devendra_Bhardwaj ,

Could you maybe explain a bit more as to what you want to achieve or perform ?

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Even though I am using the click activities for the application in my local machine, how can i add open browser activity please help me with this issue.

Hello, User Modern
Drag Use Application/Browser Activity
Then drag your other activities in the Do of Use Application/Browser
Created a simple app using Calculator on my local machine:


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One more doubt I have. I am attaching the screenshot.
Element Exits activity showing with cv but i was seeing one video where Element Exits is there but not with cv that is why i need to use inside CV Screen Scope activity. could you please help me with this likewise you make one example and sent to me could you please do from this activity. Please help me with this.

Hi Hi Kaviyarasu,
What is the difference bw open browser and use application/Browser. I asking bcz i am not finding input section in right hand side property panel in ui[ath studio of having in which browser the website will supposed to run…Please help me with this issue ??


Difference between Open Browser go to a specified URL, in the Properties panel you can select browser (Chrome, IE, Edge…), this is a Classic, and in the Classic there is a separate Open Application activity.
In Modern, Use Application/Browser will either go to a URL or application that you specify by selecting "Indicate application to automate (I).


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