Which tool is used for Code coverage Analysis for RPA Code in UIPATH

Which tool is used for Code coverage Analysis for RPA Code in UIPATH?
please, anyone, tell fast.

Hi @Shashi_Kumar1

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Does this documentation article help here a bit?


Is there any specific tool we use for this

or only we use test case for Code Coverage analysis

I believe currently it is available within Studio debugging mode at the time of debugging.

Where we see the code coverage % in debugging mode or in test case folder?

Can you please tell me?

Hi @Shashi_Kumar1,
Code coverage for RPA Test Cases is calculated directly in StudioPro, adding up the activites of your workflow traversed during debugging.

Studio pro means community edition or Enterprise edition

The available UiPath Studio Community edition is equal to StudioPro Enterprise in terms of functionality.

After running your RPA Test Case in Studio, we will highlight the traversed path directly on your invoked workflow, and provide the coverage metric in the upper right corner.

Pls refer to this video for further details.

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Can tell me how to workflow traversed during debugging.please

Just run your RPA Test Case via the Debug button in the Ribbon of Studio, this will automatically trigger the activity coverage of the underlying workflow.