Which one is better between Close Tab and Close Application to close a browser window

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Whenever we work in a browser while closing the same which activity is better between Close Tab and Close Application ? And why ?

close tab because you indicate the last page and it closes that.
close application is when you use a desktop application.


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Thanks @Parth_Doshi.

Any other suggestions please…

I prefer to use Kill activity because of simplicity and cleanliness
Note:You might be troubled if you are working with Firefox, because once we kill the Firefox process and then reopen it, it will open with restore session page; even if you are using open browser activity with URL

If you are working with the browser, it is better to use close tab and then kill process to kill the background processing of browser. Why? Because that activity is specifically designed by UiPath for that use.

As rightly mentioned by @Parth_Doshi Close application are mostly used to close desktop or other applications.

@AkshaySandhu Did you find any way to prevent Firefox from giving restore session tab?
I did some research, but they had some configuration setting in Firefox itself but that were not allowed by our organisation so we made some logic to close that tab with send hotkeys

only work around I came across:
Use Open browser activity with URL
hard coded delay for 10 seconds
then use Navigate To activity and use same URL which was pass to Open browser activity

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