Which is the new suitable version of uipath?

Currently we are using 2019 .10.4 version of Uipath and we want to upgrade now to new version.
Two following 3 questions i have :
1 ] What is the best new suitable version of Uipath ?
2] How to upgrade to new version ?
3] currently we are scheduling our task on task scheduler by creating bat file , is it possible for new version ?

1/ You should not experience any problems with the latest 2021.4 version. Prior testing is always a good practice indeed.
2/ Simply download the installer and install new version side-by-side. No problem to have two versions at same time.
3/ It works the same way in 2021.4


Thanks for the update

if i am opening my script with new uipath version then there is a need to install all dependencies / packages again or it will auto install with old version?
or i have to list down all my script packages before moving to new version ?

The update will not change any of your deppendencies. You will only get new version of Studio/Robot. Deppendencies you need to update manually in each project. And this is the main focus of testing in fact.

I do not remember any breaking changes between 2019.10 and 2021.4 But I recommend you to check release notes.


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Ok thanks for update

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