how to automate SAP processes using API in UiPath

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The following resources helps you with the complete understanding on SAP Automation using APIs in UiPath:

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Firstly, I would like to thank you @arjunshenoy for providing the resources. I have gone through the second video which is highly more on UI automation of SAP, which I have achieved for nearly 13 SAP processes. Also I have gone through the first video which is related to RFC, BAPI and ABAP script running for automation where no API keys are involved at all.


Is there any specific task or process that you are trying to automation in SAP using API? Please provide us with some more details, so that we can analyze your requirements here.

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As I’ve mentioned, till now I have automated 13 SAP processes that includes (Vendor Creation, all processes in P2P Cycle, journal entries, park documents, purchase requisition, purchase confirmation, vendor invoice, customer invoice, sales and distribution). I want try to automate a basic SAP process using API let us say- Vendor creation or Invoice creation or Goods receipt creation.