Which button did the user select in Forms activity?


I’m trying to use the forms activity to let users be able to continue or quit the workflow. How do I know which button the user clicked on?

I tried googling it, but it seems I dont have that many options in the properties panel:


While creating the form, you will be able to spot a property called ‘selectedButton’ in which you can store the data of the Ui element that user clicked.

On configuring the same, you can get the data of the button clicked.


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I guess in the latest one you dont have that option…

You can use event triggers and associate trigger with each button and in the process depending on trigger decide the button clicked


This is not an option in the latest form designer :frowning:

Mind giving me a quick rundown on how this would be done? :slight_smile:

Can be retrieved from returned forms output and its Action Property Value

How exactly? I couldnt find any output.