Is there a way to include a cancel button on the form? There is the Submit button that accepts the form, how can you put a button to cancel it?

Hy @Marisa_Ontiveros,

Yes you can other buttons in the form.

On the Designer view of the form: on the basic componets’ drag a button to the form

Inside the do block of the form, use a ‘Switch’ Activity, based on the Button id a different action will occur.

it will look like this



The MySelectButton expression, how do I get it? I will have 2 buttons on the form, one submit to upload the values ​​of the form and another Cancel to cancel it. I don’t quite understand what to put in the Swich’s expression

I already solved it thanks a lot for the hint. It has served me and it has worked thanks

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@Marisa_Ontiveros, glad I could help you!

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Dime como se hace, por favor

tell me how it’s done please


I recommend this youtuber for some hands on examples

ad also this video, this is Alison Tai, the product manager

Hy, this is an youtube video from UiPath Jan and April Preview,

The Project manager herself explain the funtionality, those are more what you want than the previous material I have sent you.