Where is the "Validate" option?

First one hello everyone, I’m new in UiPath, but actually I need to do a exercise 1 in a " Level 3 - Advanced Training", but actually I follow the steps in the pdf file, but in one part I see that I need to validate the “Process Transaction” process, but I can’t see the “Validate” button in the “Execute” tab and I can see in past topic in the forum, one person answering this question saying the next: "Search the option validate in the “Design” tab, but also I was searching the button I can’t see anything, for this reason I posting this question, please say me something, I believe that not is necessary check this part because the UiPath Studio show the errors, but I asking to all of you just in case in other moment I need to use.

@efrain.caceres Check this :


Thank you, to solve my doubt.

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