When Running the bot went into task view automatically

I was running the bot and the bot went to task view due to unknown reason.

How do i avoid these, and if something like this happens, what should be done?

Once the bot throws system exception, what should be done to get into normal mode.

Hi @hansen_Lobo ,

Could you let us know if any hotkeys are being used in your implemented process ?

Could also check by Debugging whether the same happens.

Not a hot key, but a misclick, but i want to write a condition for this scenario.

@hansen_Lobo ,

We would need to know some more details on what is the Click used on ?

In sap application i use Hotkeys to close and open some tabs.
and click in browser activity to update the values.

I didn’t have this issue in last 3 days runs
today was the first time i came across.

For now, when the bot retries, and go to init application state, i want to click esc and proceed with the process