When inserting to sql ,this error is showing

In your Query activity, can you share the property window - do yo have a connection passed in and also enter in DB details separately?

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its passed separately, and safe

Hi @TimK
I Hope you have given both Connection string and existing connection in insert activity properties. Try to give at least one connection instead of both.


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Tried, Again And Again

But Not able to figgure out the error

Can you please share the properties of insert activity, just take a screen shot and post it here so that it will be easy to understand.

You only need one connection property for the SQL.
One of the below combinations should be used, not multiple etc.

  • Connection String + Provider Name
  • Secure connection string + Provider Name
  • Existing connection


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Hello @opkushwaha999

I hope you have used a Connect activity to create a db session. If yes you will be getting a db session variable which can pass it to the Insert activity. In the properties, you can provide the variable to the existing connection field.

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