When I transform a CSV file into a txt. My data get "" surrounding it. How to stop it?

When I attempt to transform a CSV (delimiter comma) into a txt file. Then each line of data in my txt file gets quotes surrounding it. What, can I do for this to stop occuring?

I know, that I can just save the file as a txt through the use of excel. However, my project is to build an automatic system.

What I do is to; Read CSV, Output Data Table, and Write Text File.

What am I doing wrong?

I just tested it, and I don’t have have any quotes in my text file.

But if you just want to transform a .csv to a .txt file, why not simply rename it? The content will stay the same.

Use the move file activity to rename it like so:


Hello @T0Bi ,

And thank you for your response.
For some reason, the issue seems to occour, whenever, I use “Write Text File”. Can, I by any chance, get your sample?

As of the Move File activity, that did not ssem to work either.

I’m rather new to all of this. So, sorry if I might ask some; somewhat, stupid questions.

I’ll send you my .xaml tomorrow if I rembember it.
If I don’t please tag me again.


Main.xaml (5.9 KB)
Here you go.

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