When Creating A Connection In Integration Service, A Pop-Up Obtained : Need Admin Approval

Why does a warning message come up when creating connection in integration Service: Need Admin approval ?

Issue Description: When trying to create a connection in Integration Service(Microsoft Office 365 related such Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, Microsoft Office365), pop-up is obtained saying: Need Admin approval.

Root Cause: This message will appear when User Consent Permissions have not been configured to allow a user to give consent for applications to access their mailbox.


Configure User Consent Settings

  1. Sign into your Office365 administrator account
  2. Click Settings > Org Settings
  3. In User consent to apps, ensure checkbox is ticked.

  1. Click Save Changes.

An alternative to the above configuration is to consider enabling the admin consent workflow to allow users to request an administrator's review and approval of an application that the user is not allowed to consent to.