Need help on MS teams Status check

Need help on MS teams Status check using UI-Path. Is there any use case avail for that or can any one help me to resolve this?

here you have everything desribed:

I hope it will be helpfully :slight_smile:


Yeah, but it shows some permission needed. Do u know how to get that?

you will need to ensure that you add admin consent for this app.
Are you o365/azure administrator ? If yes you can do it alone otherwise you should ask someone from admins.
You can also check:


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Seems, i don’t have access register application. is there any other way to do this?

You will need access rights to complete this task.
Can’t ask your Azure administrator to enable the settings which you need ?

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I don’t know who is the administrator. is there any option to raise this as request?

Hello. I do not think so. Everything is described in the hyperlink sent by @pikorpa
How it is possible that you do not know who is administrator of your subscription ?

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