What's difference between "Process" and "Library"

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I have a question. And I want to know this.
What’s difference between “Process” and “Library” ?
I’ve used a lot of Process or Template from UiPath, But Library is not…

What is difference? and How to use it?

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Library is for create reusable component. (We can create activities with this function.)
So, we cannot run it alone.

Please see also the following.


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Hi @d_Jay

In simple terms, the process is to create an automated process, and an automated process will need to use many activity packages, such as: UiPath.Excel.Activities, UiPath.Mail.Activities, etc.
The library is to create an activity packages, you can refer to the following for details.

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@Yoichi, @wusiyangjia

Thanks! It’s very helpful !!

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